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One Year Anniversary

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Can you believe it? It's already been a year. We wanted to post this update (sorry it's a bit longer) to give you all an insight into the first year and the things to come in the next year.

Gruening Family Video Update

- Where we've been (0:00-5:33)

- Where we are (5:34-12:30)

- Where we are going (12:31-15:59)

- Financial update (16:00-17:39)

- Prayer requests (17:40-19:36)

- Girls video (19:37-23:18)

- Wrap-up (23:18-24:17)

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1 comentario

Dontie Kidwell
Dontie Kidwell
03 jun 2022

I have just now been able to focus in watching the video and it was very informative! It is exciting to see how God is at work...often in ways we didn't expect or plan, but definitely in His plans. For one year, you have done a LOT! Am so proud of the girls and their persistence and determination and joining mom and dad in sharing Christ in their own callings. We can't wait to see you this summer, and we pray for provision in every way, encouragement, and blessing to energize and push you with great passion into the next year of ministry! We miss you so much, but are thrilled to see you walking in what you were …

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