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2022 end of year update

Dear Friends,

the Gruening family sends their dearest greetings and wishes for a blessed 2023 to you all. Instead of sending out a Christmas letter, we decided to post an update here.

We also wanted to share two other things:

1) Words fail to describe our gratitude for all of you! The love and support you continue to show are mind-blowing to us. Care packages, letters, messages - in many ways and always "just at the right time" you have let us know that you are thinking of and praying for us. God has provided marvelously in terms of finances this year - even in the last couple of weeks some gifts came "out of nowhere" - Praise be to God! and thanks to those who have given so generously.

2) As a matter of prayer, we would like to submit to you the following. Everyone has felt the financial impact of this turbulent year. Inflation is high everywhere, and people are concerned about what the future will bring. It's no different here in Germany. One thing that is particularly important for our supporters to know, however, is this: because of inflation and the need for adjusted salary structures, the German government adjusted gross income pay rates. This means we are looking at an increased need of around $2000 for 2023. Please consider whether you can make a one-time gift or increase your giving to help us fill that gap. Click here to make a donation now.

Now to the most exciting part, our year-end-update. Enjoy reading!

Much love, the Gruenings

(Wir haben dieses Update leider noch nicht auf deutsch übersetzt... dauert noch etwas ;-) )

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